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The Open Road Recreation is a Canadian national Storage company located in Regina, Saskatchewan. To figure out why customers choose Open Road Recreation and to assess the reputation of the company, check the latest reviews on this page. Also, you can add your own review with the latest experience of cooperation with this company.

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  • 1
    Ryan Myers
    Posted Aug, 07 2019
    The worst experience I have ever had with any business. All these clowns care about is making a sale and will not accept responsibility when mistakes are made. When there is an issue they will "take your number and get back to you" but never end up getting back to you.

    In early summer I traded in my motorcycle and purchased a new bike from them. The initial experience I had was pleasant and prompt. I stilled owed money on the bike I was trading in. After they ran all of there numbers we came to an agreement, a contractual agreement that they would pay out the remaining balance on my previous loan and set me up with a new loan for the bike I was buying from them. Something a dealer and any dealer does on a daily basis. That same night I rode home home on my new bike happy.

    Fast forward a couple of months I realize that honda finance is still debiting my account for my old loan with them. I call open road and they tell me it's because honda finance had an address change and the cheque they sent had the wrong address on it. They told me they issued a new cheque to Honda to payout the balance.

    The next month I still notice that Honda is taking money from me for my previous loan. After calling a few times and leaving messages with people I realize they they have no intention of calling me back. Eventually I go in there to light a fire under them. The finance manager looks at me and plays dumb and says he assumed it was all taken care of. Again he blamed the cheques not going through to an address change in Honda finance but I had called Honda finance and they told me they haven't changed their address since 2009.

    So now I'm currently still dealing with open road recreation to pay out the rest of my loan so I'm not paying for 2 bikes anymore. (One of which I do not own). I feel cheated and robbed by this dealership. The worst part is once they finally do payout the loan there is a balance of about 500 bucks that I have payed for a bike that I don't even own anymore, and I'm not sure I will ever see that money again. I will never be going back to this dealership and I don't recommend anyone else do business with them either.
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    Tammy Hallborg
    Posted Mar, 25 2019
    Went to look at boats not sure what to get told him what we were looking for never really showed us anything except the larger and more expensive boats did tell us that his stock was low but would take our name if anything came in did that happen NO. Gave us his card but guess where that went. Was not worried about his phone ringing and someone else going into office. Will I ever be back there not likely. Very disappointed with their customer service.
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